International Symposium on Quantum Fluids and SolidsJuly 25‒31, 2018QFS2018 Tokyo


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Invited speakers

Vladimir Dmitriev (Kapitza Institute, Russia)
Superfluid 3He in Planar Aerogel
Vladimir Eltsov (Aalto Univ., Finland)
Exploring superfluid 3He universe with coherent bosons
Wei Guo (Florida State Univ., USA)
Visualization study of quantum turbulence in superfluid helium-4: progress and future development
Rich Haley (Lancaster Univ., UK)
The orbitropic effect in superfluid helium-3 B-phase boundaries
Tetsuo Hatsuda (RIKEN, Japan)
Neutron Star Core: Densest State of Matter
Kei Iida (Kochi Univ., Japan)
Neutron star crusts as low temperature laboratories
Shin Inouye (Osaka City Univ., Japan)
Efimov resonances in an ultracold mixture
Kazushi Kanoda (Univ. of Tokyo, Japan)
Spin liquid, Mott transition and BEC-BCS crossover exhibited by interacting electrons on triangular lattices
Hikaru Kawamura (Osaka Univ., Japan)
Randomness-induced quantum spin liquids in frustrated magnets: application to 2D 3He and organic salts
Kimitoshi Kono (National Chiao Tung Univ., Taiwan)
Nano structures and Devices to Study Quantum Fluids and Solids
Michael Kosterlitz (Brown Univ., USA)
Topological Defects and Phase Transitions
Eckhard Krotscheck (Univ. at Buffalo, USA)
Multimode–excitations in liquid 4He above the phonon-roton spectrum: Experiments and Theory
Tony Leggett (Univ. of Illinois, USA)
p + ip Fermi superfluids: old results and new questions
Dirk Manske (Max Plank Institute, Germany)
Novel Josephson and Proximity Effect using Triplet Superconductors
Takamasa Momose (Univ. of British Columbia, Canada)
Spectroscopy and dynamics of molecules in quantum fluids and solids: Towards molecular superfluidity and ultracold chemistry
Nir Navon (Yale Univ., USA)
Turbulence in a Quantum Gas
John Reppy (Cornell Univ., USA)
The Road to the KT Transition; Experiments with Thin 4He Films
Jim Sauls (Northwestern Univ., USA)
Frontiers in Quantum Matter: Symmetry, Topology & Strong Correlation Physics
John Saunders (Univ. of London, UK)
Helium in two dimensions and under nano-scale confinement: realizing quantum materials and topological mesoscopic superfluidity
Ryo Shimano (Univ. of Tokyo, Japan)
Higgs mode in conventional and unconventional superconductors
Jaeho Shin (Penn. State Univ., USA)
Mass flow through bulk solid helium and solid helium confined in Aerogel
Yong-il Shin (Seoul National Univ., Korea)
Quantum vortex shedding in atomic superfluid gases
Viktor Tsepelin (Lancaster Univ., UK)
Probing quantum turbulence using mechanical oscillators
Grisha Volovik (Aalto Univ., Finland)
Topological matter: Weyl fermions, Higgs bosons, quantum gravity and room-T superconductivity

Other invited speakers for 20 min talk are listed in the Conference Booklet.

Poster sessions

July 26 (Thu) 16:30‒18:30 Poster Session 1
July 27 (Fri) 16:30‒18:30 Poster Session 2
July 28 (Sat) 16:30‒18:30 Poster Session 3
July 30 (Mon) 15:20‒17:20 Poster Session 4

See Conference Booklet for your poster presentation numbers and panel locations.

  • Poster Awards will be offered for outstanding poster presentations.
  • Poster panel size is 900 mm in width and 2125 mm in height from the ground, which is suitable for displaying an A0 size poster (841W×1189H).
  • Each poster will be displayed for two successive symposium days (i.e. July 26th/27th or 28th/30th).
    Posters for Poster Sessions 1&2 can be displayed after 16:00 of July 25 until 18:30 of July 27.
    Posters for Poster Sessions 3&4 can be displayed after 8:00 of July 28 until 10:30 of July 31.